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Technical bulletins

All technical bulletins listed below are DOWNLOAD ONLY

(86-001) - Field Modification of S-Cam Service Brake Chamber Piston Rods

(86-002) - Guidelines for Mounting Spring Brakes to Brackets

(with Vertical or Horizontal Bolt Hole Locations)

(86-004) - MGM Brakes Service Chamber Diaphragm Replacement Procedure

(90-001) - Instructions for Spring Chambers/Piggybacks with "Breather Tube"

(90-003) - Product Identification Plate

(90-004) - Identifying an MGM Brakes Product

(91-001) - Manual Release Bolt - MAGNUM MB-T and MAGNUM MG-T Piston Type Brakes

(91-005) - Manual Release Bolt Magnum MB-T and MG-T Piston Type Brakes Method of Operation

(91-006) - Type 24 Long Stroke Diaphragms

(92-001) - Procedure for Shipping Chambers (ONLY When Air Pressure is Unavailable)

(93-002) - Brakes Camshaft Rotation Recommendation

(96-002) - Causes of Non-Pressure Chamber Failures and Recommended Corrective Action

(96-004) - Breather Tube Extension Procedure

(96-005) - Rebuilt Air Brake Actuators for Trucks/Tractors, Buses & Trailers

(97-004) - Type 24 Diaphragms

(97-005) - Installation and Location Instructions for Long Stroke Tag on Single/Piggyback Units

(01-003) - Push-Rod Replacement Procedure for Models TR & TR-LP3

(01-004) - Push-Rod Replacement Procedure for Models LTR & LTR-L3

(02-001) - Field Replacement of Type 30 - 2.5" Stroke Diaphragm & Clampband

(02-002) - Mixing Standard & Long Stroke Chambers

(03-001) - MGM Brakes Actuators Manufactured with Neoprene Diaphragms

(03-002) - Field Replacement of MGM Brakes Chambers Equipped with Welded Yokes

(03-003) - Replacement Units for MGM Brakes 3-Inch Long Stroke Chambers with Welded Yokes

(03-004) - Procedure for Determining Correct Push-Rod Length - Field Replacement

(04-001) - Type 12 Diaphragms - S-Cam & Wedge Installations

(04-002) - Full Releases of Parking Brake Chamber

(04-003) - Procedure to Re-tighten Sevice Actuator Clamp Band

(04-004) - Weatherseal Plug Installation Instruction

(04-005) - Replacing Piggyback Chambers - 2.5 inch stroke vs. 3.0 inch stroke

(06-001) - Breather Tube Extention using Clamps

(06-002) - MGM Brakes Model Replacement– New Magnum Piston-Type Spring Brake

MGM Model MJW1624BT Replaces Model WM1624LGT (2017xxx)      




                                                   Freins à ressort à double collier d'attache


                                                   Frenos de Resorte con Doble Abrazadera de Banda

(06-005) - J-Series Brake Head Movement - In the Roll Area

(06-006) - Hexavalent Chromium Replacement

(07-001) - Zinc Iron Chromate Replacement

(07-002) - Air Leak Procedure for Field Checking J-Series Actuators

(07-003) - MJS Service Diaphragm Replacement

(09-001) - Hydraulic Driveline Brake Service Kit Installation

(10-001) - Model Design Improvement TRXX30 and TRXX30HD

(beginning July 2010 - expected completion of units is November 2010)

(10-003) - Obsolete TR3030S and Replace with TR3030TS Models

(15-001) - All Applications to use 8019021 grommet


service manuals

5009 - Service Manual (MB-T/MG-T Series - superseded by MJS Series - form 5044)

(Download only at this time)

5011 - Service Manual (TR/TR-T, TR-TS,TR-HD,TR-LP3) (Download only)

5042 - Service Manual (LTR-L/LTR-L3) (Download only)

5044 - Service Manual (Magnum Performance Plus-MJ Series) (Download only)

5065 - Wedge Piston Type Service & Spring Brake Chamber WMG-T, WMLG-T (Download only)

EB13-006 - Service and Spring Brake Actuators on Air Disc Braking Systems (Download only)


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